Monday, December 29, 2008

Bella 2 Hair

This is almost exactly like Bella, just a big longer. The hair length is almost the same length all around, a bit layered and some shorter bangs in the front.
I used the flexy curled textures put onto cylinder prims instead of flat prims again. I'm always trying different approaches to see what can be done. This way does require more prims, I tried to get it to 120 but ended up at 127 prims. So that is quite high. Lower and the hair is just too thin in my opinion. Higher and there is more lag. I did my best trying to find a good balance.
One advantage I did find using these prims instead of flat ones, was the lighting seemed to enhance the hair more and give it more realistic highlights. Flat prims seem to catch the lighting all at once making it look flat at certain angles. It's tough to describe. The disavantage of the cylinders is the amount required to fill in all of the gaps so its not too thin.
I will price this at 225L again, except the first week up to Saturday Night, it will be 100L. I like to do this for those who like to buy the new releases as the come out.

Enjoy the hair. I plan on making a Amy III using the same textures as the Bella styles.

Monday, December 15, 2008

First comment here picks their hair free

Just trying out something. To see if anyone actually reads this, I will send a free hair to the first person to comment on this post. :-)

This way it might seem like I'm writing something useful.

Sunday, December 14, 2008


First of all, this style does not use flat prims for hair textures. I used cylinder prims for the long curly hair instead this time. This created a very different look.
As always I can not stress enough that photos only do so much. Demos are free and show how the hair moves in SL.
I used to use these cylinder prims all the time for my curly hair but stopped using them over a year ago. I went back and worked on them and improved them.
Not all of the hair is flex. I mixed it up with solid sculpts so the hair wouldn't show all the way through. Also it is 120 prims. I didn't want to go up further so I really need to balance going to crazy on prims, and making the hair thick enough to not show through at all.
I'll price this at 220L and 800L for the mega pack. This will probably be the last style before the 25th. I'm just way to busy with family. Thanks for looking.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Samantha "Afro"

I put a lot of work into the textures of this hairstyle. So it took a while and my PC isn't exactly fast with all of the layers that were involved.
If you've ever shopped at Jolie Femme you will notice almost every hairstyle comes with different hair textures used on the alpha prims (flat prims layered to create detailed effect). So many of the styles are unique and the texture fit each style correctly.
This is my first try doing an "Afro". It's very different to me at least.
I priced this one at 220L. 800L for all 50 colors. Demos are always free. New hair will always be up on the Newest Hair wall which is opposite of the large, tall wall of hair.

**This weekend only, the price of this hair will be 100L (Friday, Saturday and Sunday 30th)

Sunday, November 16, 2008


After two weeks, this is done. When I was working on this, someone mentioned that it looked like the style that "Alice" from Twilight wears. So that is why I named it that.
This style is all sculpts except for anything that is flexy. Please LL, flexy sculpts please!!!
Priced at 225L per pack and 800L for the mega pack. Touch to fit which makes thing a lot easier to fit. There are 4 demos in the top box and there is a color demo at the store to view all 50 colors.

Thursday, November 06, 2008

Viewer update

I made the Amy hair styles with the current viewer which included the ability to mirror sculpts. I guess this viewer isn't mandatory but to view the hair correctly this is required. Little did I realize this would be a problem.

Sunday, November 02, 2008

Hair claws

Here is the hair claw poster. It shows all of the colors available. This box contains 3 sizes and 10 colors. Both of the Amy hairstyles contain the regular and small sizes and 8 colors.
This pack which is up on the hair accessory wall contains an extra two colors (black on white/Light brown on dark brown) and mini-claws.
This entire pack is75L.
The claws are tintable but require a bit knowledge on how to edit individual linked prims. If there are colors you want and don't feel like tinting them yourself, I can do quickly.

Amy II

Amy II is almost the same as Amy. I used the textures from the April hair style. This style comes with the hair claws once again in two different sizes. The claws use the chin attachment point.
Everything is has modify permissions. The hair has a size script in it too.
I plan on putting out the hair claws in the Hair Accessories wall in little bit, unless something comes up. I'll add another post if I get to it.
Prices for Amy, 230L for the regular packs and 800L for the mega pack. All packs include 8 different colored claws. If there isn't the one color you want, they are modifyable. You just need to know how to edit linked prims and tint them from there. If not, I can probably make a color quickly.
That's it for now.
Personally I like Amy more than this one but love the bangs on Amy II.

Saturday, November 01, 2008

Thank You Shoppers

I just would like to thank everyone that shops at my stores and leaves me some of the greatest comments I could only imagine. If it wasn't for those comments, I don't know if I would have the drive to do this anymore. Even with the economy the way it is, its nice to know that someone is willing to pay for a virtual item at my store. Thank you.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Amy and new hair claws

This style was fun to make. Actually I spent quite a bit of time making the hair claw for it than the hair. Dealing with sculpts has been a pain sometimes.
I made a few colors that are tintable or modifyable if needed. I actually made two different claws as one is a little bit smaller with fewer "teeth" on it.
I will be selling different claws soon.
This style will be 235L for the regular packs and 800L for the mega pack. The claws are basically included. They use the "chin" attachment point. I think this is all the info needed. Enjoy and thanks for reading the blog.

Saturday, October 18, 2008


Finally after a month of no hair and doing skins, made a new medium length straight style called Sara. This style wasn't too bad to make. I really liked the way the bangs turned out.
Priced at 220L per pack of 6 to 8 colors and 775 for the Mega pack of all 50 colors. 4 demos are in the box in different colors.
There is a color demo out in the store that does have all of the colors available if you are unsure of the color pack you want. Just keep in mind the older styles are at 42 colors not 50 (minus the tipped colors).

Thursday, October 09, 2008

Veronique New Skin

This is a skin I worked on last Spring but just finished this past month.
It's based off of the Sophie skin, but there were many changed to it. There is more cleavage, fixed up the eyebrows a bit and pubic hair.
SL has issues with stretching on the rear and inner thighs, fixed that as much as possible so its a bit smoother. The eyes are more defined too now. There may have been other small fixes or changes that I don't recall but it was enough to name it a new skin in my opinion.

Each skin comes with its own matching freckled skin. With the Sophie skins, I never made freckles. I had to this time. I didn't put a lot of freckles on, just on the cheeks, nose, arms and shoulders.
Skins also come with prim eyelashes in three sizes for easier fitting, and a brazilian wax layer.

This took a bit of space in the store. So I took down some old "Aneta" skins that weren't selling anyways. Aneta freckled skins and mod-skins are still up. They might even be further discounted.
Veronique is not modifyable. I wanted better lip color and it just could not be done with any type of tranparency in the skin for color changing. That does not mean I won't do small changes for a small charge within reason. I might charge 100L or something like that. Keep in mind 100L is like 35 cents which is almost nothing for the amount of time it takes.

There are 16 makeups per skin tone and 6 skins tones. With each having its own freckled skin that would make 192 skins total. With that many, I hope there are not any mistakes. It just a large number to go through for me.
Skins are grouped together like the Sophie skins. The rows are colors and the columns are grouped by makeup style. Multi-packs follow the arrows.
Prices, 1000L per single skin pack, 3000L per multi-pack of 4, 6000L per mega-pack (includes skin all in skin tone). Each pack contains all of the freckled versions matching the regular version.

Sunday, September 21, 2008


Well I've been working in real for 6 days a week so its been difficult to get much done. I'm also not working on hair at the moment. I'm still hoping for flexy sculpts to come sooner than later.
Anyways, I've been working on a new updated version of the Sophie skin. I started doing this in the spring but kind of let it sit back. So far I've updated the makeup to look a lot better. This is something I'm not really good at but I think its much better this time around. There will be a bit more cleavage showing. The older Sophie was rather flat looking. I also updated the pubic hair so its not up as high and a bit more neatly cut. The butt area is rather difficult to fix. I lightened it up a bit to blend in more. SL murders the mesh in-world. It makes it impossible to look great but it does look better now than the old Sophie skin.
Since I've been working so much, I'm hoping to get these up in a few weeks. I'm not sure if I will do 16 makeups per skin tone or not. I have a long ways to go. These won't be rushed.
I will begin making hair again after these skins are done.
I might also get ride of or combine the Aneta skins into packs to make room for these new skins.

Thanks for looking. I may post previews this week.

Tuesday, September 09, 2008


Finally a new style at the main store. There's just been so much going on with Hair Fair and stuff in real life.
Hair Fair is over, so those 5 styles are now in the main store in the New Hair section.
I organized the store a bit better. It's not the greatest and not something I'm good at. I think I'd just rather spend more time making hair.
I'm not sure what to make next. I noticed I don't sell many short hairstyles. The long ones are more fun for me to make. Still pondering.
Thanks for checking out the blog.

Sunday, August 31, 2008

Danielle updated and sent....

There was a small issue with Danielle which I updated this weekend. I sent out replacements to everyone that had purchased at the Hair Fair. Hopefully I didn't miss anyone. This took 5 1/2 hours to do so I'm tired.

The problem was with the alpha. Not defective up close by from a far distance white alpha textures began to show up. I will no longer be using PNG as a texture format even though this format was to make things so easy and painless when it came into SL earlier this year. I've been told of another way to deal with issue with the white halo effect on transparent textures and will use TGA once again.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Hair Fair is tomorrow OMG!

Hair Fair is starting on Friday, August 22. A few things I want to post quickly. I'm putting out a free headband which will only be free during the hair fair. I updated the Darcy II photo. Proposal will be sold with 50% of the sales going towards Locks of Love.
I'm really excited. I can't believe how good they built the 4 SIMS up for this. It's amazing.

Thursday, August 14, 2008


All hair at the main store now comes with modify permissions. If you want hair with the modify permission, I will send new hair out to you usually within a day.
I think people still want to be able to move pieces of hair individually sometimes and maybe even tint a little so that is why I did that.

Again thanks for shopping at my store. I do appreciate the business and its something I love to do.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

New posters for Hair Fair

The first thing I did for these was make a little logo. It is Jolie Femme with a little piece of hair underneath.
I then made all of the background a bit brighter and the border only on the bottom. The permissions are easier to see also.
They will possibly change, but wants to comment on them, go ahead. I open to suggestions.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Danielle Preview

I hope this turned out. I put in many hours and its the last style I will make for the Hair Fair. This will be the fifth.
I'm a bit worried, its 116 prims. It moves really well once its rezzed. The hair is mostly sculpted including the curls. So it shouldn't lag as much as curled up torus.
I need to make some better photos in the next couple of days. Then after that, what should I do?
I was thinking of making some hair accessories. I'm burnt out making hair. I know I made only 4 1/2 styles in the last month compared to some designers who make much more than that. I will not rush though. No need to. I want to make the hair as well as I can. When I find better ways, it usually means that it will need to take longer.
Compared to a year ago when I was making hair much faster, it wasn't as good. I'd rather make better hair. End of my little discussion. :-)
I am happy with this one like I was happy when I finished Audrey II. Now I'm not happy because these Hair Fair styles need to wait for another month. I actually finished much earlier than I needed too. I didn't want to be in a rush and make bad hair. :-)

Monday, July 07, 2008

Trinity for Hair Fair 2008

The potential 4th style for Hair Fair is now completed. I messed around with "gray" photos for this one pic.
This style is all sculpts except for a few tiny hairs at near the neck. The bangs come all the way from the forehead around to above the ear and then curl back up and around. Kind of difficult to explain but the photo clearly shows them.
Hair Fair is going to be in late August now. I thought it would be early August. So that is a bummer because I'm almost done making 5 styles. I may finish early I think. So I may put a couple of styles out before the end of August since I will be done with Hair Fair stuff. I also need to reorganize the store. It is now too full. 5 more styles won't fit anywhere. Ugh.
Please be patient for the new hair. It takes a long time to make. I even redid the long flexy hair parts to Josephine because I wasn't happy after I finished it. I end up being so picky but that just means the hair is even that much better, I would hope. I don't rush this hair out at all. I even find mistakes days after I finish a style.

Wednesday, July 02, 2008


New hair done after a full two days of work. My hands are actually tired. So I'm going to take a break the rest of the day. I can barely type.
Josephine turned out well. I haven't made a style like this in quite some time if at all.
Hair fair is now slated for late August through early September so that gives me more time. Three styles are done and only two to go with two months to go. Now what? I guess I'll be able to make some hair for the store after I'm done with 5 styles (two more to go). I still have a week and a half off from real life work, so I can get plenty done in that time. Thanks for reading!

Monday, June 30, 2008

Darcy II

Here's a quick photo of Darcy II. It's very similar to Darcy I except I took off some of the flexy on the back and added tipped/burnt colors. This will be the 2nd style at the Hair Fair. It is also my first male style. I'm not sure if how many male styles I will make in the future but who knows.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Hair Fair 2008

I only took a few photos quickly so I could update my blog a bit. Hair Fair 2008 is coming up, so anything that I do make in the next month and a half will be for that.
These new styles will come with another hair pack. It was suggested by several customers that I should add some tipped/burnt hair colors and thats what I'm doing now. The total color choice will now be 50 hair colors. One other minor change also suggested by customers was for a "black" color. Nearly black will still be there but Ebony will be replaced by "black" which is much darker. Nearly Black and Ebony were very close anyways.
The style in this photo is complete. It's 100% sculpted. It won't be up until the Hair Fair.
I've been a bit slow making hair and updating my blog. I've been putting 6 day work weeks at my regular job. That will change after this week as I will have two weeks off from that job. I will be using much of my free time to make more hair and catch up so I can put up 5 new hair styles for the hair fair. I don't want to rush either. I guess I'm on a hair mission now!

Sunday, June 01, 2008


This style took a LONG time. Two main issues I'm seeing. I'm taking longer and being really picky, almost too picky. I'm also doing a lot of work in Maya. And maybe a third, experimenting.
This style is an updo style. It's a bit messy on top and flexy mixed together with torus. The main part and bangs are sculpted.
The long curly bangs took a while to figure out how to make them and it was difficult (Maya). I was happy once I uploaded them though. They look natural and its something that couldn't be done with regular prims at all.
So being that I'm not good at updos and I'd rather make the long hair I'm used too, I'm happy with this one for now.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Darcy - Hair

This is possibly the shortest style I've made in quite a while. I was almost even thinking of making a mens cut out of this too since it was so short.
Anyways just because of its length does not mean there isn't a lot of detail in this hair. It actually took me 4 nights of making this to get it just right and I've been rather picky lately too.
The entire thing is sculpted except for the strands of hair in the back that are flexy prims. Almost every sculpt is individual so there are no repeating prims. I wanted to make this look completely natural.
Take a look. Demos are free so it doesn't hurt to take a look.
I was thinking of making this into a men's cut but need to decide on a few things first. I'm always looking for suggestions. Even if someone dropped a few ideas on me it would be great. I might not seem to take them but in the long run you never know.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Audrey II

Uses same textures as Audrey one so that is the reason behind the same name. It's also longer. For some reason this turned out well. I rarely like my own hairstyles. I maybe have about 5 favorites and thats about it.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Audrey Hair

Made a new hairstyle this weekend but will put it up tomorrow. I didn't have enough time to put it up.
This one is different than some others. The hair textures I made are produced differently than the ones I made before. I don't know how to explain it but the texture of the hair actually follows the hair itself better. Basically it is an improvement. So I tried something else this time and I think this hair is wonderful. Most of the hair is in the back and side. A few strands left on the right side. All of it curly and the non-curly are all sculpted. I was surprised that this ended up being 80 prims or somewhere around there. I don't remember. A lot of times I end up around 100-120. So that is good.
So by tomorrow morning this should be up.
I will also try to reorganize the hair a bit. I'm running out of room and I keep saying I'm going to do something about it.

Sunday, April 13, 2008


Ok finally it is done! I never want to try to make this style again. Maybe I was just having bad luck. Ugh! At this point I do like it enough to sell.
Everything moves correctly now. The hair looks natural. The bangs even turned out nice and frame the face better. I general preferred darker colors myself but as always it will come in the regular 42 colors.
I will be putting this up later. I'm just really tired and need to go to bed.
Thanks for looking.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

New hair coming soon

I know I've been slow but what I'm trying to make if it even turns out is taking a long time. I've already redone it several times. I'm having realy issues. SL hasn't been running good and I'm really frustrated. The more I make hair, the more complicated it has been getting too. So its taking longer.
I did get some new hair brushes in photoshop to help me out. Basically every hair style I make requires new hair textures all 42 of them or more! So I need to spend 2 or 3 hours just making textures. Then making the hair for another several hours and then if it don't look good it gets scraped like last weekend.
I am trying though and I look back and do like some of the recent hair styles. My two most favorite right now are April and Rochelle. Both of them have great textures and don't glitch much either.

Thursday, April 03, 2008

Paris Hairstyle updated

The Paris hairstyle that was released a few weeks ago has been updated to Paris II. There were a few issues I ended up improving upon that I fixed. If anyone wants a update and bought Paris, I will send them Paris II.

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Rachelle is Rochelle

I can't spell. Now I need to rename all of those 42 hairstyles, ugh! When simple little letter. Someone also said I should fix some of the stretching on the Paris hairstyle. It's not bad at all, but I will see if I can even do that. I don't know. I thought it looked like a good style. Though I'm only a content creator and I don't do days of testing like some of the shoppers do. Customers are always right.
I'm also short on space at the store. I may be doing some reorganization before any new hairstyles but what am I doing to do?

Friday, March 28, 2008


This hair has special meaning to me and many other people. I won't go into details but I put in a little extra effort into this.
The hair is very fine and needed a few extra prims. It runs at about 117 prims. It's about waste length, so it is quite long.
As always try out the demos. Hair like this moves really nicely but you can't see it in the photo.
Anyways thanks for looking. It's been a tough week here. Rachelle is no longer with us and it wasn't a natural death. She was taken away by someone or some people that are very evil. She was only 26 and was a single mother and now that baby has no mother. So I am sad at this. But we all remain strong.

Monday, March 24, 2008


How long does it take to make hair like this? Well I timed it out and it took 8 hours for this one. I made new hair textures, like I've done for most of the latest hair. That part takes so long! Ok so I thought I was done in 8 hours. Then I looked at it again, the new hair textures were a bit clumpy looking. I don't know how else to describe it.
So I spent another 3 hours making new textures. Then I goofed up the scripts doubling them up on some prims so the hair wouldn't size right. Ugh!
It's done now and it moves really nice. I still find that April is my favorite for now.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Paris.....not Hilton either

OK, I made this last weekend but it looked like crap. So I fixed it up a bit and made new textures. I am much more happy with this style now. I even ended up using fewer prims. 100% sculpts except for the flex.
I don't like short styles. I just can't do them well. This does work for me though.
This doesn't even look like what I was trying to do. My styles always end up somewhere different than I intend. Maybe that's a good thing. Maybe it forces me to let the hair do its own thing instead of trying to make it do something it can't.
OK, I'm going to put this up later. I'm tired but it will be put up eventually. It's just I'm out of room in the store and I don't know what to do. I would like to keep making hair instead of organizing the store which is tedious and boring.

Monday, March 10, 2008

What next?

Should I update the Sophie skin or make more hair?

I kind of made some tweaks to the Sophie skin, improved the makeup and made the cleavage more defined. It looks great.

I don't know. I've been on a roll with hair and updating all of the skins would take several weeks for me now I think.

Maybe I'll just do both.

Saturday, March 08, 2008


Ok, I've been working on the PC 8 hours straight and I'm tired so here goes.
One style for this weekend. This style is called Celebrity. This style turned out really well. I tried to get the hair to look more random. It's similar to April but more wavy and curly.
Of course its scripted for Touch-To-Size. It sure makes sizing hair a lot easier. It makes things easier for me because I no longer need to make 3 sizes of hair each time I make a hair style. I hope its working out well for everyone else.

Thanks for looking. Oh and the 5 styles below have been released and are up at the store. They are all opposite of the main wall of hair.

I'm thinking it is soon time to reorganize the hair. Right now there is no real order to the mess except maybe the further right you go the older the styles are. I'm just not good at making things nice looking but I'll try.

Sunday, March 02, 2008

Trouble - Did I ever

I really had trouble making this one. I was going to name this "Trouble" anyways, but I really did have issues making this. Making the sculpty parts was a pain in the but. The bangs alone took a few hours to make. Then the flexy texture I was going to use didn't look right so I needed to make on a different size and shape to fit this style.
I'm just not good a short hair. This is by far my best short hair style so far though. It still has plenty of flexy but short stuff. It sort of bounces a bit when walking or moving rather then flowing like a long style would do.
Hair Fair 2008? I don't see anything happening. I think I'm going to release these five styles as soon as I can. I need to make demos, and that sort of thing. Might take a few days to get them all sorted out. I'm tired.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Devotion - Hair Fair style number 4

Spent three nights making this style. I really tried to do well on the bangs and I think it works really well. The hair is really curly in the sides and back.
I still like April the best. There is just so much hair in that style and it moves so well. This style still is very nice though. Maybe its just because I like long hair so much. This still is one of my better styles.
One more to go but the weekend is over. I still have not heard anything about the Hair fair. If there is no hair fair, this will be released as soon as possible then.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Bounce is now April - name change

Immediately after naming this Bounce, I decided for a new name. I didn't like that name. So I choose April. I spent days trying to figure out a new name. I don't know why but that part always gets me. I don't know what to name hair half the time.
The next style will be named devotion. I still haven't started it but I think it will be like April but with mega curls.

Monday, February 18, 2008

Bree and then Bounce styles complete

Bree is pictured first, and Bounce is pictured without the poster complete because I was rather excited to post this.
So hairstyle 2 and 3 are now complete for the hair fair. I'm sure they will be organizing it fairly soon.
Bree is base on a style someone was wearing the other day and I just had to make it. It's sort of a messy bun and it kind of bounces too when you walk, tough to explain.
Bounce as I named it for now, it just great. Rarely do I like the hair styles I make. The textures turned out really well. That's fine but sometimes they don't work as well as I had hope and sometimes its a bit of working on hair for 5 hours and not getting what you thought you would get. This time it worked much better than I was thinking it would. It's long and lots of hair. I can't wait for April.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Hair Fair 2008 and day 8

Well the hair is finished and pretty much boxed up. Thing is I need 5 hairstyles for the Hair Fair and until I make 5 hair styles, I can not release any new styles until I finish. So may hold this style back for a while.
I started working on an updo tonight. Spent about 5 hours on it and it will be ready soon too. Hopefully more info on Hair Fair soon but it is still very early. Last year was awesome and I can't wait! It was such a great way to talk to other hair designers even though it wasn't that long it was fun. The organizers of that event put in a ton of work!!!

Saturday, February 09, 2008

Day 7 - Hair Complete but......

It is complete, whew! I made a poster but it is still not packed up and ready to go. I still don't know if I'm going to put this style up or not because the hair fair is coming up and I'll need 5 new styles for that. It's been taking me over a week to make a hair style now that by the first week of April I may only be able to make 8 styles if things go well.
Anyways, last night I spent some time on this style to make the flexy prims in the back blend in a lot better with the main piece of the hair or main prims on top. You can probably see the difference just from the photo compared to the last post on my blog.
I also added a touch-to-size script. At first it took my a few tries to get it right. My first attempt ended up with only the main prim resizing itself while all of the other prims of the hair just sat there and did nothing. I did finally get it. I think this is really neat because with one touch the hair can be sized in increments of 1%, 5% or 10%. With that all that would need to be done it positioning it with the regular SL tools.
I kind of like this style but there are issues that always bother me with styles. Everyone loves the Destiny style but I still see issues even with that style. I like the new texture I made, but I wish the ends were a little more finer. This may be something that customers like anyways. Some may not even care how the ends of the hair look and maybe I'm being really, really picky. It is very difficult to make these textures by hand. So sometimes what I think I may get in a hair style totally comes out different than what I imagined.
Well depending on the hair fair, this style will be coming out tomorrow unless I hold it back. So I'll probably write one more day on this style. Alas, it is time to sleep. I spend 5 hours on this tonight. 11 to 12 hours so far. I used to make hair probably in 5 hours. Things have changed, hopefully for better and that will make customers happy I hope. Good night.

Friday, February 08, 2008

Day 3, 4, 5, and 6

Ok Monday I just poofed out. Sunday nights I work and by Monday morning I said I need a break and went to bed earlier.
Tuesday I worked on the hair. I threw some things together and by Wednesday morning, I totally redid the back of the hair. I didn't like the back. It seemed to straight. So back to work and I layered it a bit more trying to make it look more natural.
Thursday and Friday morning I worked on this hair another couple of hours. Mainly just tweaking individual prims. I attached it to the head and wanted to see how it moved and took a couple of photos. I still don't like it. Then again, I never liked the Destiny hair style even though that one has sold like crazy the past year.
So I'm going to work on this Friday night for several hours tweaking it a bit more.
One last thing I'll need to do is try to add a script to it I bought. This script is going to be a touch to size script. This is supposed to make it easier for customers to size their hair. It will also make it easier on me because I won't be making 3 sizes of hair anymore if this works out well.

Sunday, February 03, 2008

Day 2

Spent 4 hours working on the hair textures last night. I made the normal 42 colors uploaded them and then created the normal script that will produce the different hair colors. That's about it. I really wish I had a faster computer or maybe its the way I make them. Now I will begin modeling the hair.

Saturday, February 02, 2008

Hair Timeline - Day 1

Thought I would write a timeline on how I make my hair by starting with Day 1 and continuing until I finish the hair style.
This style I'm going to work on is a request from about 3 weeks ago. I told this person that I was finishing up a few projects and then would begin working on this style the first week of February.
Starting with tonight. This night I would begin working on a new hair texture in photoshop. I opened up one of my older textures and tried to see how I made some straighter textures like in the style Memories. I didn't like how blurry they were so I decided to restart from scratch and get more resolution. It finally started working well then I uploaded to SL to see how it really looked and it looks ok. I'm going to need to reshape it a little bit. I spent 3 hours tonight on it which isn't a lot of time but its been a long day already and I'm falling asleep.

Thursday, January 31, 2008

Back to hair

I've made clothing for the past two months. I know I've only made 5 outfits I think it is but I'm really slow at it. I just finished putting some stuff up on Onrez and now this weekend I will begin some more hair adventures. I don't know what to do with all of the hair in the store now. There is just so little room now. I would hate to just remove old hair. I really would like to keep the old hair and discount some more of them since the newer hair is always improved and better.

So if anyone has any requests this is the time because I'm currently looking for ideas. I think I'm going to experiment more with sculpts and see what I can do with them as far as making more curls with prims. Some of the hair I've made the past year uses a lot of alpha prims. I think I would like to try to mix standard not flex prims with alpha prims a bit more and see if it can look better even more than before.

So much to think about. I start working on hair tomorrow night. Hopefully it doesn't take much to get back into the groove. The last style I made was Christina and that has done wonderfully and received many great comments. thank you all. I really do try to be creative by doing new things and trying to be so perfectionate. Ok, I made a new word that doesn't exist. It's my blog!
Later and enjoy more hair soon!

Monday, January 28, 2008

In time for Valentine's Day!! Whew!

Another project that seemed to never end. I tried several things and ended up with four options as shown in the poster.
The transparent babydoll as shown, has hearts that are scattered throughout the skirt and top. These hearts really pop out and aren't transparent themselves.
The marabou works well as there move along with the skirt once again. Not always perfect in high-lag environments. I think the skirts with the marabout run around 90 plus prims. If thats the case, the non-marabou skirts will work just as well.
Well I'm tired. This will be the last of the clothing I make for the next two months. Hair fair is a couple of months away, but I really want to be prepared for it and start making some great hair. Enjoy the new clothing from the past couple of months. It's not much, I'm just so picky.

New detailed sweaters, lots of them

Now I spent much time on these testing out baking and texturing. Finally after a week or so spending a couple of hours here and there on this project, I got it. The seams match from the top to the bottom perfecting and the texture is really nice looking and pops out really well. It just looks snug!
15 colors are available and also a demo just to look at to see how good they might look.
To see if anyone reads these posts, I will offer one of these free color of your choice if you IM me in world that you've read this post within the past week. No longer otherwise I'm sure I'll get to many requests.
Onto the next post, gotta catch up.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Finally done New Dress

This took a while as I tried a number of things to create my best dress to date.
This dress comes in 8 colors and are priced at 300L each. The mega pack is 1000L for all 8 which isn't too bad.
The bodice is highly detailed with some star shapes and flower shapes. The prim dress has some more flower and leaf like shapes on it also.
The prim dresses are available in two different options. The one I wanted to be used has more prims on it. I used the regular set of prims and then added another two sets to create the pattern in more 3d-like way. In other words the pattern sticks out some instead of just a flat texture. The other dress is the traditional texture on prim.
Issues with the first prim dress is lag and sometimes I would like to call it bad rezzing of the flex paths. The flex paths should usually be the same but sometimes they seem to not rez correctly and the pattern will be off from where it should be on the dress. Lag usually pulls this dress apart from the pattern a lot more than a low lag area. So that is why I included the traditional dress.
I made 8 colors but I could make more. I will start on my next project for now. I really feel the need to make some casual clothing now.

Thanks for looking.