Sunday, March 02, 2008

Trouble - Did I ever

I really had trouble making this one. I was going to name this "Trouble" anyways, but I really did have issues making this. Making the sculpty parts was a pain in the but. The bangs alone took a few hours to make. Then the flexy texture I was going to use didn't look right so I needed to make on a different size and shape to fit this style.
I'm just not good a short hair. This is by far my best short hair style so far though. It still has plenty of flexy but short stuff. It sort of bounces a bit when walking or moving rather then flowing like a long style would do.
Hair Fair 2008? I don't see anything happening. I think I'm going to release these five styles as soon as I can. I need to make demos, and that sort of thing. Might take a few days to get them all sorted out. I'm tired.

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