Sunday, June 24, 2007

Creator's block

I'm completely out of ideas for now, not sure why. At times, I can think of many things I want to make. This past week, its just not there. I think after this week things will start flowing again. If anyone has any ideas, throw them my way. It won't hurt, I might actually not mind at all. Maybe I should create a request box or something like that but I'm not sure how to do it. Maybe by next weekend, I'll create some new hair. Later.

Monday, June 18, 2007


This is a style I started in April that I gave up on for a while and started a couple new projects below. It's similar to Destiny while a bit straighter and a bit longer. Comes in 42 colors and the same packs and mega packs that the other hair comes in also. Now I'm not sure what to make next, its always so difficult to choose what route to go.

Monday, June 11, 2007

Small update with sculpty...Big change in looks

My favorite dress I made last June. When I made it last June, I really was stuck on the bow in the front and seemed kind of limited to the basic prims. During the weekend, after hours of messing around with sculpties and baking textures in Maya, finally came around to something much better. I included one of the old photos and its a huge difference even though its such a small part of the dress. Not really a new outfit, but I'm much happier with it. Thanks for looking.

Sunday, June 03, 2007


Finally after a month and many hours of hard work, the new Sophie skin is complete. I made many improvements over the "Aneta" skin. These are brand new complete skins. The shading is much more improved in areas that needed it while some areas that didn't really need it had it removed. One area I made better were the feet. Though rather difficult to work with, they are much better than the other feet on the older skins.
I also made better prim eye lashes that are included with these. I made them in three sizes, so hopefully that helps with the fitting of the lashes.
These skins also come with pubic hair on the skin with the optional brazilian wax underpants.
The eye brows, lip color and pubic hair are tintable in using the appearance sliders.
Hopefully I mentioned enough.
The Sophie skin will come in 5 tones at this time, maybe more in the future. Each skin tone will come with 16 different makeup choices and a choice of either 4 packs or the mega pack of 16 for a big discount (16 skins for 6000L).
Hopefully I included everything that needed to be mentioned. I'm really happy with these and spent many days going back and fixing things that I just wouldn't let go until I was happy with it. Thanks for looking and all skins come with their own demos and also once again choose wisely as some skins work well with different shapes. The lighting in SL is funny during the bright daytime so compare skins in the same lighting for best possible purchase.