Sunday, February 24, 2008

Devotion - Hair Fair style number 4

Spent three nights making this style. I really tried to do well on the bangs and I think it works really well. The hair is really curly in the sides and back.
I still like April the best. There is just so much hair in that style and it moves so well. This style still is very nice though. Maybe its just because I like long hair so much. This still is one of my better styles.
One more to go but the weekend is over. I still have not heard anything about the Hair fair. If there is no hair fair, this will be released as soon as possible then.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Bounce is now April - name change

Immediately after naming this Bounce, I decided for a new name. I didn't like that name. So I choose April. I spent days trying to figure out a new name. I don't know why but that part always gets me. I don't know what to name hair half the time.
The next style will be named devotion. I still haven't started it but I think it will be like April but with mega curls.

Monday, February 18, 2008

Bree and then Bounce styles complete

Bree is pictured first, and Bounce is pictured without the poster complete because I was rather excited to post this.
So hairstyle 2 and 3 are now complete for the hair fair. I'm sure they will be organizing it fairly soon.
Bree is base on a style someone was wearing the other day and I just had to make it. It's sort of a messy bun and it kind of bounces too when you walk, tough to explain.
Bounce as I named it for now, it just great. Rarely do I like the hair styles I make. The textures turned out really well. That's fine but sometimes they don't work as well as I had hope and sometimes its a bit of working on hair for 5 hours and not getting what you thought you would get. This time it worked much better than I was thinking it would. It's long and lots of hair. I can't wait for April.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Hair Fair 2008 and day 8

Well the hair is finished and pretty much boxed up. Thing is I need 5 hairstyles for the Hair Fair and until I make 5 hair styles, I can not release any new styles until I finish. So may hold this style back for a while.
I started working on an updo tonight. Spent about 5 hours on it and it will be ready soon too. Hopefully more info on Hair Fair soon but it is still very early. Last year was awesome and I can't wait! It was such a great way to talk to other hair designers even though it wasn't that long it was fun. The organizers of that event put in a ton of work!!!

Saturday, February 09, 2008

Day 7 - Hair Complete but......

It is complete, whew! I made a poster but it is still not packed up and ready to go. I still don't know if I'm going to put this style up or not because the hair fair is coming up and I'll need 5 new styles for that. It's been taking me over a week to make a hair style now that by the first week of April I may only be able to make 8 styles if things go well.
Anyways, last night I spent some time on this style to make the flexy prims in the back blend in a lot better with the main piece of the hair or main prims on top. You can probably see the difference just from the photo compared to the last post on my blog.
I also added a touch-to-size script. At first it took my a few tries to get it right. My first attempt ended up with only the main prim resizing itself while all of the other prims of the hair just sat there and did nothing. I did finally get it. I think this is really neat because with one touch the hair can be sized in increments of 1%, 5% or 10%. With that all that would need to be done it positioning it with the regular SL tools.
I kind of like this style but there are issues that always bother me with styles. Everyone loves the Destiny style but I still see issues even with that style. I like the new texture I made, but I wish the ends were a little more finer. This may be something that customers like anyways. Some may not even care how the ends of the hair look and maybe I'm being really, really picky. It is very difficult to make these textures by hand. So sometimes what I think I may get in a hair style totally comes out different than what I imagined.
Well depending on the hair fair, this style will be coming out tomorrow unless I hold it back. So I'll probably write one more day on this style. Alas, it is time to sleep. I spend 5 hours on this tonight. 11 to 12 hours so far. I used to make hair probably in 5 hours. Things have changed, hopefully for better and that will make customers happy I hope. Good night.

Friday, February 08, 2008

Day 3, 4, 5, and 6

Ok Monday I just poofed out. Sunday nights I work and by Monday morning I said I need a break and went to bed earlier.
Tuesday I worked on the hair. I threw some things together and by Wednesday morning, I totally redid the back of the hair. I didn't like the back. It seemed to straight. So back to work and I layered it a bit more trying to make it look more natural.
Thursday and Friday morning I worked on this hair another couple of hours. Mainly just tweaking individual prims. I attached it to the head and wanted to see how it moved and took a couple of photos. I still don't like it. Then again, I never liked the Destiny hair style even though that one has sold like crazy the past year.
So I'm going to work on this Friday night for several hours tweaking it a bit more.
One last thing I'll need to do is try to add a script to it I bought. This script is going to be a touch to size script. This is supposed to make it easier for customers to size their hair. It will also make it easier on me because I won't be making 3 sizes of hair anymore if this works out well.

Sunday, February 03, 2008

Day 2

Spent 4 hours working on the hair textures last night. I made the normal 42 colors uploaded them and then created the normal script that will produce the different hair colors. That's about it. I really wish I had a faster computer or maybe its the way I make them. Now I will begin modeling the hair.

Saturday, February 02, 2008

Hair Timeline - Day 1

Thought I would write a timeline on how I make my hair by starting with Day 1 and continuing until I finish the hair style.
This style I'm going to work on is a request from about 3 weeks ago. I told this person that I was finishing up a few projects and then would begin working on this style the first week of February.
Starting with tonight. This night I would begin working on a new hair texture in photoshop. I opened up one of my older textures and tried to see how I made some straighter textures like in the style Memories. I didn't like how blurry they were so I decided to restart from scratch and get more resolution. It finally started working well then I uploaded to SL to see how it really looked and it looks ok. I'm going to need to reshape it a little bit. I spent 3 hours tonight on it which isn't a lot of time but its been a long day already and I'm falling asleep.