Sunday, October 26, 2008

Amy and new hair claws

This style was fun to make. Actually I spent quite a bit of time making the hair claw for it than the hair. Dealing with sculpts has been a pain sometimes.
I made a few colors that are tintable or modifyable if needed. I actually made two different claws as one is a little bit smaller with fewer "teeth" on it.
I will be selling different claws soon.
This style will be 235L for the regular packs and 800L for the mega pack. The claws are basically included. They use the "chin" attachment point. I think this is all the info needed. Enjoy and thanks for reading the blog.

Saturday, October 18, 2008


Finally after a month of no hair and doing skins, made a new medium length straight style called Sara. This style wasn't too bad to make. I really liked the way the bangs turned out.
Priced at 220L per pack of 6 to 8 colors and 775 for the Mega pack of all 50 colors. 4 demos are in the box in different colors.
There is a color demo out in the store that does have all of the colors available if you are unsure of the color pack you want. Just keep in mind the older styles are at 42 colors not 50 (minus the tipped colors).

Thursday, October 09, 2008

Veronique New Skin

This is a skin I worked on last Spring but just finished this past month.
It's based off of the Sophie skin, but there were many changed to it. There is more cleavage, fixed up the eyebrows a bit and pubic hair.
SL has issues with stretching on the rear and inner thighs, fixed that as much as possible so its a bit smoother. The eyes are more defined too now. There may have been other small fixes or changes that I don't recall but it was enough to name it a new skin in my opinion.

Each skin comes with its own matching freckled skin. With the Sophie skins, I never made freckles. I had to this time. I didn't put a lot of freckles on, just on the cheeks, nose, arms and shoulders.
Skins also come with prim eyelashes in three sizes for easier fitting, and a brazilian wax layer.

This took a bit of space in the store. So I took down some old "Aneta" skins that weren't selling anyways. Aneta freckled skins and mod-skins are still up. They might even be further discounted.
Veronique is not modifyable. I wanted better lip color and it just could not be done with any type of tranparency in the skin for color changing. That does not mean I won't do small changes for a small charge within reason. I might charge 100L or something like that. Keep in mind 100L is like 35 cents which is almost nothing for the amount of time it takes.

There are 16 makeups per skin tone and 6 skins tones. With each having its own freckled skin that would make 192 skins total. With that many, I hope there are not any mistakes. It just a large number to go through for me.
Skins are grouped together like the Sophie skins. The rows are colors and the columns are grouped by makeup style. Multi-packs follow the arrows.
Prices, 1000L per single skin pack, 3000L per multi-pack of 4, 6000L per mega-pack (includes skin all in skin tone). Each pack contains all of the freckled versions matching the regular version.