Sunday, April 28, 2013


Time for some pigtails.  Hopefully I am getting better at rigging mesh.  Soon I plan on adding flexy to some of the new styles.  Mesh is certainly a bigger improvement over ugly sculpts.  

This one is priced the same as the rest.  245L for a regular pack and 850L for the mega pack which contains all 50 colors. 

Please buy the demo of course.  Since this is rigged, wearing an alpha will help but there may be instances where it just won't fit.  

Thanks for looking

Mcgeeb "Marci" 

Sunday, April 21, 2013


New rigged mesh once again.  I'm trying to put out as much new rigged mesh as possible since this is really the second mesh style I've made.  I need to catch up to Second Life as a whole.  Same prices as before.  This is the second style with the new textures also.  Thanks for looking. 

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Untouched New Rigged Mesh Release!!!

Ok I took a long break.  I think I'm back for now.  This will be the first rigged mesh release for Jolie Femme.  I payed extra attention to the rigging.  It took a bit of practice to make sure it moved realistically without any harsh edges.  I also made new textures.  That is all new colors.  I figured it was about time to redo all of them.  What a pain!!!  Take a look.  A demo will be available of course.  I think this will be priced at 240L.