Sunday, July 20, 2008

Danielle Preview

I hope this turned out. I put in many hours and its the last style I will make for the Hair Fair. This will be the fifth.
I'm a bit worried, its 116 prims. It moves really well once its rezzed. The hair is mostly sculpted including the curls. So it shouldn't lag as much as curled up torus.
I need to make some better photos in the next couple of days. Then after that, what should I do?
I was thinking of making some hair accessories. I'm burnt out making hair. I know I made only 4 1/2 styles in the last month compared to some designers who make much more than that. I will not rush though. No need to. I want to make the hair as well as I can. When I find better ways, it usually means that it will need to take longer.
Compared to a year ago when I was making hair much faster, it wasn't as good. I'd rather make better hair. End of my little discussion. :-)
I am happy with this one like I was happy when I finished Audrey II. Now I'm not happy because these Hair Fair styles need to wait for another month. I actually finished much earlier than I needed too. I didn't want to be in a rush and make bad hair. :-)

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