Friday, February 08, 2008

Day 3, 4, 5, and 6

Ok Monday I just poofed out. Sunday nights I work and by Monday morning I said I need a break and went to bed earlier.
Tuesday I worked on the hair. I threw some things together and by Wednesday morning, I totally redid the back of the hair. I didn't like the back. It seemed to straight. So back to work and I layered it a bit more trying to make it look more natural.
Thursday and Friday morning I worked on this hair another couple of hours. Mainly just tweaking individual prims. I attached it to the head and wanted to see how it moved and took a couple of photos. I still don't like it. Then again, I never liked the Destiny hair style even though that one has sold like crazy the past year.
So I'm going to work on this Friday night for several hours tweaking it a bit more.
One last thing I'll need to do is try to add a script to it I bought. This script is going to be a touch to size script. This is supposed to make it easier for customers to size their hair. It will also make it easier on me because I won't be making 3 sizes of hair anymore if this works out well.

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