Saturday, March 08, 2008


Ok, I've been working on the PC 8 hours straight and I'm tired so here goes.
One style for this weekend. This style is called Celebrity. This style turned out really well. I tried to get the hair to look more random. It's similar to April but more wavy and curly.
Of course its scripted for Touch-To-Size. It sure makes sizing hair a lot easier. It makes things easier for me because I no longer need to make 3 sizes of hair each time I make a hair style. I hope its working out well for everyone else.

Thanks for looking. Oh and the 5 styles below have been released and are up at the store. They are all opposite of the main wall of hair.

I'm thinking it is soon time to reorganize the hair. Right now there is no real order to the mess except maybe the further right you go the older the styles are. I'm just not good at making things nice looking but I'll try.

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