Saturday, February 09, 2008

Day 7 - Hair Complete but......

It is complete, whew! I made a poster but it is still not packed up and ready to go. I still don't know if I'm going to put this style up or not because the hair fair is coming up and I'll need 5 new styles for that. It's been taking me over a week to make a hair style now that by the first week of April I may only be able to make 8 styles if things go well.
Anyways, last night I spent some time on this style to make the flexy prims in the back blend in a lot better with the main piece of the hair or main prims on top. You can probably see the difference just from the photo compared to the last post on my blog.
I also added a touch-to-size script. At first it took my a few tries to get it right. My first attempt ended up with only the main prim resizing itself while all of the other prims of the hair just sat there and did nothing. I did finally get it. I think this is really neat because with one touch the hair can be sized in increments of 1%, 5% or 10%. With that all that would need to be done it positioning it with the regular SL tools.
I kind of like this style but there are issues that always bother me with styles. Everyone loves the Destiny style but I still see issues even with that style. I like the new texture I made, but I wish the ends were a little more finer. This may be something that customers like anyways. Some may not even care how the ends of the hair look and maybe I'm being really, really picky. It is very difficult to make these textures by hand. So sometimes what I think I may get in a hair style totally comes out different than what I imagined.
Well depending on the hair fair, this style will be coming out tomorrow unless I hold it back. So I'll probably write one more day on this style. Alas, it is time to sleep. I spend 5 hours on this tonight. 11 to 12 hours so far. I used to make hair probably in 5 hours. Things have changed, hopefully for better and that will make customers happy I hope. Good night.

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