Monday, July 07, 2008

Trinity for Hair Fair 2008

The potential 4th style for Hair Fair is now completed. I messed around with "gray" photos for this one pic.
This style is all sculpts except for a few tiny hairs at near the neck. The bangs come all the way from the forehead around to above the ear and then curl back up and around. Kind of difficult to explain but the photo clearly shows them.
Hair Fair is going to be in late August now. I thought it would be early August. So that is a bummer because I'm almost done making 5 styles. I may finish early I think. So I may put a couple of styles out before the end of August since I will be done with Hair Fair stuff. I also need to reorganize the store. It is now too full. 5 more styles won't fit anywhere. Ugh.
Please be patient for the new hair. It takes a long time to make. I even redid the long flexy hair parts to Josephine because I wasn't happy after I finished it. I end up being so picky but that just means the hair is even that much better, I would hope. I don't rush this hair out at all. I even find mistakes days after I finish a style.

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