Sunday, November 02, 2008

Amy II

Amy II is almost the same as Amy. I used the textures from the April hair style. This style comes with the hair claws once again in two different sizes. The claws use the chin attachment point.
Everything is has modify permissions. The hair has a size script in it too.
I plan on putting out the hair claws in the Hair Accessories wall in little bit, unless something comes up. I'll add another post if I get to it.
Prices for Amy, 230L for the regular packs and 800L for the mega pack. All packs include 8 different colored claws. If there isn't the one color you want, they are modifyable. You just need to know how to edit linked prims and tint them from there. If not, I can probably make a color quickly.
That's it for now.
Personally I like Amy more than this one but love the bangs on Amy II.

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