Friday, November 24, 2006

Still Sick

6 Days and I still feel like really icky! I started the Wow dress, but just can't keep going on it when I feel like this. It's really difficult to work on something when your stomach hurts and you are exhausted from lack of energy. I hope I get better soon, may need to see a doctor.
Forget shopping on "Black Friday" today. I'm so icky feeling and no energy to deal with SO many people in line. I lost like 6 or 7 pounds this week, not good this way. I'm sure I'm dehydrated and lost a lot of water. My stomach hurt so bad this afternoon.
I want to get back to work on more clothing and things. I enjoy it so much, but not this way! :(

Saturday, November 18, 2006

A Wow Dress?

Well I've made a couple of cute dresses, but I really want to make a wow dress. A customer was looking for a wow dress, so thats what I'm going to make. Nothing new this weekend. I plan on taking my time on this.

Thursday, November 16, 2006


The first night I logged on and heard about this (about 50 blue screen messages), I was actually quite frightened that everything I worked so hard on was about to go to waste. Hopefully that isn't true. I don't know many facts about this, but it seems as if this program has no good use to it at all other than to rip of designers.
If anyone has any thought of using this, please consider that many of the items on Second Life take a long time to make. It may say only 149L, but the designer actually has put more than 50 cents worth of effort into making that item. It may be a game to some, but to many it is their rental payment or their house payment, who knows. To me, its my kids Christmas this year. Thanks to my wonderful customers, I will be able to afford to buy my 4 kids good Christmas presents this year. Otherwise I would not be able to afford much at all. It has taken a lot of hours (15 to 25 hours) per week EVERY week to do this for the past year. It is fun and rewarding, but if someone came in and copybotted everything it would be horrible.
Copybot is not good for anyone. If this became widespread enough, designer's would lose money first and tier down at least, then the amount of new content would shrink. If that happened enough, the number of residents may go down with it. Then if that happened, LL would lose money and then shut down.

More colors :)

Well some more colors are now available and I might make a red with green or a green with red for a more Christmas type of color pattern. Personally of all of them, I like the red and black and the blue and black. I really am happy about these and they turned out great. I keep finding myself taking longer and longer on each item I make. I look forward to more!

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Detailed Show Girl Bustier

I really wish I took better photos. I guess I'm not that great at it. This turned out better than I could've hoped. I messed around with the alpha layer to created stockings that turned out perfectly. There is plenty of detail in this to be seen. I should almost create a demo for this. Lets just say I spent about 14 hours on this and it shows. Hopefully I can get this to be shown at the Aspire fashion show next Saturday.

Sunday, November 05, 2006

November 18th show at Aspire

Well I'm getting excited. Only 13 days to go. After two months of skin work, trying to get new outfits is a pain and takes so much time. At least SL is working well this weekend. I still think the asset server is a bit wacky at times, not saving changes or such. I look forward to the fashion show at Aspire though, it will be fun.

One last outfit for weekend

Well I think I put up a good number of outfits this weekend. It was rough at times, thanks LL. I'm sick of prims moving anyway they want. In the end its worth it. I made some outfits that I really like this weekend and updated an old one. I'm still learning new tricks too.

Saturday, November 04, 2006

One more tropical flirt and an old outfit updated

After 11 months, I updated one of the plaid outfits. I also put it together with a flexy skirt. The only reason it took me so long was due to the fact my files are so burried after 11 months of work. Trying to find the original PDS files was a pain.
I also found perfect texture to add one more to the Tropical Flirt collection.
I might add another Plaid skirt or two, just make sure it says flexy on the photo otherwise it isn't updated then.

Friday, November 03, 2006

New Tropical Skirt Flirt outfits

Well I took the night off of work to finish these up. I did two patterns so far and may add more because I love these outfits so much.
The outfit comes with the thong, micro-bikini top, skirt (small and large sizes), Tied top and all attachments are modify.

One thing I did put in was an optional bikini top because I didn't like the regular mesh string going across the chest. So I made an small prim string and optional Bikini top. The only problem is the string for the neck won't work then. So that is why its optional and still does come with the regular mesh bikini top.