Sunday, May 11, 2008

Darcy - Hair

This is possibly the shortest style I've made in quite a while. I was almost even thinking of making a mens cut out of this too since it was so short.
Anyways just because of its length does not mean there isn't a lot of detail in this hair. It actually took me 4 nights of making this to get it just right and I've been rather picky lately too.
The entire thing is sculpted except for the strands of hair in the back that are flexy prims. Almost every sculpt is individual so there are no repeating prims. I wanted to make this look completely natural.
Take a look. Demos are free so it doesn't hurt to take a look.
I was thinking of making this into a men's cut but need to decide on a few things first. I'm always looking for suggestions. Even if someone dropped a few ideas on me it would be great. I might not seem to take them but in the long run you never know.

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