Monday, December 29, 2008

Bella 2 Hair

This is almost exactly like Bella, just a big longer. The hair length is almost the same length all around, a bit layered and some shorter bangs in the front.
I used the flexy curled textures put onto cylinder prims instead of flat prims again. I'm always trying different approaches to see what can be done. This way does require more prims, I tried to get it to 120 but ended up at 127 prims. So that is quite high. Lower and the hair is just too thin in my opinion. Higher and there is more lag. I did my best trying to find a good balance.
One advantage I did find using these prims instead of flat ones, was the lighting seemed to enhance the hair more and give it more realistic highlights. Flat prims seem to catch the lighting all at once making it look flat at certain angles. It's tough to describe. The disavantage of the cylinders is the amount required to fill in all of the gaps so its not too thin.
I will price this at 225L again, except the first week up to Saturday Night, it will be 100L. I like to do this for those who like to buy the new releases as the come out.

Enjoy the hair. I plan on making a Amy III using the same textures as the Bella styles.

Monday, December 15, 2008

First comment here picks their hair free

Just trying out something. To see if anyone actually reads this, I will send a free hair to the first person to comment on this post. :-)

This way it might seem like I'm writing something useful.

Sunday, December 14, 2008


First of all, this style does not use flat prims for hair textures. I used cylinder prims for the long curly hair instead this time. This created a very different look.
As always I can not stress enough that photos only do so much. Demos are free and show how the hair moves in SL.
I used to use these cylinder prims all the time for my curly hair but stopped using them over a year ago. I went back and worked on them and improved them.
Not all of the hair is flex. I mixed it up with solid sculpts so the hair wouldn't show all the way through. Also it is 120 prims. I didn't want to go up further so I really need to balance going to crazy on prims, and making the hair thick enough to not show through at all.
I'll price this at 220L and 800L for the mega pack. This will probably be the last style before the 25th. I'm just way to busy with family. Thanks for looking.