Monday, December 15, 2008

First comment here picks their hair free

Just trying out something. To see if anyone actually reads this, I will send a free hair to the first person to comment on this post. :-)

This way it might seem like I'm writing something useful.


Lessa Joubert said...

I will happily leave a comment! I've got you on my RSS feed so I definitely read. :)

Linda said...

Ah darn, got you on my RSS feed too, but was out with the dog. :)

Love the Bella hair, btw. Looks great on both me and my (male) partner. ;)

Freyja Nemeth

Linda said...

Oh, and I forgot to add: I don't think you are on the feed at, are you? You should try to get on if not (sometimes they take a long while to update), it'll make sure you reach more readers.

Freyja Nemeth

Mcgeeb Gupte said...

Oh wow. Such quick responses. I had no idea.