Thursday, January 31, 2008

Back to hair

I've made clothing for the past two months. I know I've only made 5 outfits I think it is but I'm really slow at it. I just finished putting some stuff up on Onrez and now this weekend I will begin some more hair adventures. I don't know what to do with all of the hair in the store now. There is just so little room now. I would hate to just remove old hair. I really would like to keep the old hair and discount some more of them since the newer hair is always improved and better.

So if anyone has any requests this is the time because I'm currently looking for ideas. I think I'm going to experiment more with sculpts and see what I can do with them as far as making more curls with prims. Some of the hair I've made the past year uses a lot of alpha prims. I think I would like to try to mix standard not flex prims with alpha prims a bit more and see if it can look better even more than before.

So much to think about. I start working on hair tomorrow night. Hopefully it doesn't take much to get back into the groove. The last style I made was Christina and that has done wonderfully and received many great comments. thank you all. I really do try to be creative by doing new things and trying to be so perfectionate. Ok, I made a new word that doesn't exist. It's my blog!
Later and enjoy more hair soon!

Monday, January 28, 2008

In time for Valentine's Day!! Whew!

Another project that seemed to never end. I tried several things and ended up with four options as shown in the poster.
The transparent babydoll as shown, has hearts that are scattered throughout the skirt and top. These hearts really pop out and aren't transparent themselves.
The marabou works well as there move along with the skirt once again. Not always perfect in high-lag environments. I think the skirts with the marabout run around 90 plus prims. If thats the case, the non-marabou skirts will work just as well.
Well I'm tired. This will be the last of the clothing I make for the next two months. Hair fair is a couple of months away, but I really want to be prepared for it and start making some great hair. Enjoy the new clothing from the past couple of months. It's not much, I'm just so picky.

New detailed sweaters, lots of them

Now I spent much time on these testing out baking and texturing. Finally after a week or so spending a couple of hours here and there on this project, I got it. The seams match from the top to the bottom perfecting and the texture is really nice looking and pops out really well. It just looks snug!
15 colors are available and also a demo just to look at to see how good they might look.
To see if anyone reads these posts, I will offer one of these free color of your choice if you IM me in world that you've read this post within the past week. No longer otherwise I'm sure I'll get to many requests.
Onto the next post, gotta catch up.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Finally done New Dress

This took a while as I tried a number of things to create my best dress to date.
This dress comes in 8 colors and are priced at 300L each. The mega pack is 1000L for all 8 which isn't too bad.
The bodice is highly detailed with some star shapes and flower shapes. The prim dress has some more flower and leaf like shapes on it also.
The prim dresses are available in two different options. The one I wanted to be used has more prims on it. I used the regular set of prims and then added another two sets to create the pattern in more 3d-like way. In other words the pattern sticks out some instead of just a flat texture. The other dress is the traditional texture on prim.
Issues with the first prim dress is lag and sometimes I would like to call it bad rezzing of the flex paths. The flex paths should usually be the same but sometimes they seem to not rez correctly and the pattern will be off from where it should be on the dress. Lag usually pulls this dress apart from the pattern a lot more than a low lag area. So that is why I included the traditional dress.
I made 8 colors but I could make more. I will start on my next project for now. I really feel the need to make some casual clothing now.

Thanks for looking.