Monday, June 23, 2008

Hair Fair 2008

I only took a few photos quickly so I could update my blog a bit. Hair Fair 2008 is coming up, so anything that I do make in the next month and a half will be for that.
These new styles will come with another hair pack. It was suggested by several customers that I should add some tipped/burnt hair colors and thats what I'm doing now. The total color choice will now be 50 hair colors. One other minor change also suggested by customers was for a "black" color. Nearly black will still be there but Ebony will be replaced by "black" which is much darker. Nearly Black and Ebony were very close anyways.
The style in this photo is complete. It's 100% sculpted. It won't be up until the Hair Fair.
I've been a bit slow making hair and updating my blog. I've been putting 6 day work weeks at my regular job. That will change after this week as I will have two weeks off from that job. I will be using much of my free time to make more hair and catch up so I can put up 5 new hair styles for the hair fair. I don't want to rush either. I guess I'm on a hair mission now!

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