Wednesday, December 26, 2007

It's Winter I don't care I want Summer!!!!!

I spent a lot of time on these. First off, each skin is priced at 125L and the big pack of 19 is priced at 500L. The demo is free and each suit comes in different layers for flexibility if needed.
I spent a lot of time on these. I needed to learn how to bake better in Maya. Now they look good for that. I added some shading underneath the suit so it stands out a bit more on the top of the skin and the wrinkles are just right.
Overall I'm happy with those and I think that is why I made 19 suits. I could make more but I think enough is enough. I'm tired! Maybe I'll make a different type of suit/bikini next with the same patterns. Those wouldn't take as long then. Enjoy!!!!

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Ok, this is really neat!!!!!!

After a couple of experiments it is finally done and I'm very happy with this outfit. To make this skirt work took a lot of testing out to make sure that all parts of the skirt moved in synch.

This outfit comes in 13 color choices and a bundled pack. Each color is 300L and comes with two different sizes, small and large. The bundled (mega pack) can be bought for 1000L and includes all 13 color choices. All clothing in the photo is included in the outfit.

Also available is a 2 for 1 Christmas special, see photo

A demo is also available to try out.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Maintenance, argh!

So there's SL downtime today. I was starting to get really excited about this outfit until they shut SL down. This color set is complete, but I plan on making more. The red and white is for Christmas and the other colors I'll be making will be for all year.
This skirt is something really neat. I didn't think this was possible ever. I made it so the marabou trim moves with the skirt. I also cut down on the prims. My first try for the skirt ended up being somewhere around 180 or 190 prims. Now the skirt is down to 121. Which is much better. So hopefully by tomorrow morning SL time, I can get some of these up. For now, SL downtime and rest for me.

Sunday, December 02, 2007

Belle Sleeved Santa Set

For the Holidays. This set includes the Hat, all 42 colors of Shelly 2 hair, and the shirt, shorts, and skirts. There are two skirts in this pack. One is made of prims and the other of the SL mesh for higher lag areas. Both skirts come with the trim and without. The belle sleeves are sculpted along with the hat. I put a lot of work into it and there are plenty of options for the skirts.
I tried something new with the prim skirt when adding the trim to it. They move along with the skirt except its not quite to perfection. Not sure if its entirely 100 percent possible but it was pretty close except during faster movement. Either way, for 500L it is worth it. The mega pack of Shelly 2 all 42 colors alone is 700L. So the outfit is free or vise versa. Enjoy.