Monday, April 26, 2010

Mel B "Scary Spice"

Made almost entirely up of flexy prims except for the base. Hair totals 114 prims.
This style is the 2nd in a series of Spice Girls hair. Unlike the previous hair, I made the outfit for this style and will be including it with the purchase of this style. This includes the skirt, top and necklace. So I'm going to charge an extra 10L for the hair for a total of 250L.
I also am including a base for the hair that uses the Linden Hair system. It does have some glitching with the regular hair if you are looking really hard. It is optional, so if this concerns you, use the "bald" Linden Hair.

Thanks for reading and enjoy.

Saturday, April 03, 2010

Emma (Baby Spice)

New hair based on "Baby Spice" of the spice girls. Emma is the actual name of Baby Spice, so I chose that name for this new style.
Emma is at 128 prims. The hair includes a color change script for the scrunchies.
The skirt is available at "Blaze". I actually kind of love the skirt. I don't buy much elsewhere, but making clothing at Jolie Femme has been pretty much over with for 2 years now. Just not enough time for hair and clothing.
I will price this at 240L. This seems like a fair price. I put in a few weekends for this style. It will be up in the new hair section.
I am thinking of doing the rest of the spice girls in the future.