Saturday, February 02, 2008

Hair Timeline - Day 1

Thought I would write a timeline on how I make my hair by starting with Day 1 and continuing until I finish the hair style.
This style I'm going to work on is a request from about 3 weeks ago. I told this person that I was finishing up a few projects and then would begin working on this style the first week of February.
Starting with tonight. This night I would begin working on a new hair texture in photoshop. I opened up one of my older textures and tried to see how I made some straighter textures like in the style Memories. I didn't like how blurry they were so I decided to restart from scratch and get more resolution. It finally started working well then I uploaded to SL to see how it really looked and it looks ok. I'm going to need to reshape it a little bit. I spent 3 hours tonight on it which isn't a lot of time but its been a long day already and I'm falling asleep.

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