Saturday, April 28, 2007

Freckles, finally. Finally SL working right

Ok here goes. I made two different types of freckles so everything purchased is a two for 1 deal basically. One set of freckles covers much of the body the other is focused on the cheeks, nose, and shoulders for the most part. There are 16 different make up choices grouped in 4's. Also comes with free Prim Eye lashes, and brazillian wax using the underpants layer.
These skins are changeable in lip color, eyebrow color and pubic hair colors using in-world sliders.

Though I think the bottom pale picture doesn't show the freckles very well. They are there though. I didn't want to overdo the freckles.

I think that covers it. Thanks for looking.

[url=]Jolie Femme[/url]

Sunday, April 15, 2007


I really like this one a lot!!! It moves just right. I tweaked the hair for a couple of days to get it right! It moves just like real hair like it should. I keep saying it each time I make a new style, I'll be wearing this one for a while. Comes in 42 colors and 3 sizes to make fitting easier. Enjoy.

Monday, April 09, 2007

2 New Hair

These two didn't make it to the hair fair :-(
I really like both of these. I used new textures again and the movement of the hair is really lifelike in a way. I'll be wearing Escape for a while until the next new hair ;-)

Friday, April 06, 2007

5 New Jolie Femme @ Hair Fair

These are probably my best 5 Ever!! Yet I would like to say I looked around the whole hair fair and there are so many awesome styles done by everyone you just gotta check everything out despite the lag.

Embrace - Made out of flexy curls/torus curl mix. Probably the most curly out of the bunch.

Timeless - The new trend. Started using the plant/tree method (single faced prims like for plants) but just on hair. This style is mostly straight and flows really nicely when moving around.

Forever/Dream - Made out of flexy curls/Torus Curls mix. Not quite and curly and Embrace.

Groove - This one is shorter and straighter than the rest. On this one 50 percent of all sales will be sent directly to the Locks of Love account.

All these will be located only at Hair Fair until the 14th I believe and after that the main store for Jolie Femme now at its new location.

Sunday, April 01, 2007

Hair Fair Styles are all complete Hurray!!

I finally finished all 5 hair styles. I wish I could show them now but I need to wait until next week for the Hair Fair. I would say that these are my best 5 hair styles I've ever made. So as soon as Hair Fair 2007 opens up I will post them here.