Sunday, January 11, 2009

Creative Block

I tried all weekend to come up with something fun to make and couldn't do it. So it may be a bit for another hair style to come out. I just can't make anything without really putting my heart into it. It might be the time of year too. It just too depressing outside, too cold, and stuck in the house for months due to the cold. Yuck! Ideas are welcome as always as always.


Linda said...

I've enjoyed your recent releases thoroughly (especially the Amy & Bella series), and I'd love to see some of the curl textures applied to some period-inspired styles. Perhaps an updo without bangs but with some curls trailing down to the shoulders, for example.

Another idea might be a pulled back pony tail, also without bangs, with curls in the tail, and possible some loose curls at the front.

I'd also love to see some male styles for my partner (though Danielle and Bella works great for him, actually), perhaps some styles along the lines of what you get in Interview with the Vampire: (though the tail doesn't show up very well)

Freyja Nemeth

Lessa Joubert said...

Linda's idea is cool - I'd love to see that. I was just going to suggest lots of time at a sunny beach sim to soak up the (virtual) sun!


Mcgeeb Gupte said...

I might try one of those longer styles in a few weeks. Though they all look very challenging, especially short guy hair. I think I would stick with the longer stuff.

Linda said...

I think the style that looks short is actually a pony tail. One of those 18th/19th century tails for guys. :)

Freyja Nemeth