Monday, January 26, 2009

Ashlee realistic hair lined ponytail with shape shown

My first and main concern with this hair was how many avatars will it fit. I sent out some prototypes to the Jolie Femme update group and had some positive replies.
I am still concerned. This hair will not fit everyone even with the resize script and my best effort. For that reason, please try the demo first. The demo contains the resize script and can most definitely be made to fit beforehand. I would even keep track of the numbers before making the main purchase to make things easier.
I also included the shape shown in the photograph, called Ashlee also. I actually made this shape months ago for my own use, but her it is for free out of the box to fit with the Ashlee hair. It is a short heighted avatar compared to other 7 foot ones out there.
The scrunchie in back is also scripted with colors and textures including plaid colors. I love the plaid!!
I spent several weekends on this project and hope it turns out the best way possible for the most customers possible. Thanks for the prototype tester's too. I almost gave up on this and I hope there isn't any issues with too many customers buying hair that doesn't fit.

Please please please, demo first!!!!

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