Friday, January 02, 2009

Amy III with flexy curls

A customer requested a style similar to Amy I and II but with the curls found on Bella 1 and 2 styles. So here it is.
I thought this would be quicker to make, but it still took me a couple of days.
The claws are included once again as they are in Amy I and II.
I'm glad I made this, it turned out well. I still ended up at about 113 prims.
I don't normally do requests, I get too many or they take too long and the person who requested it just happens to never buy it or finds something else. I think that's just completely normal since the person requesting it doesn't really want to wait for long and usually with SL being as big as it is, there will always be something that a customer is requesting somewhere. I did this anyways as I really wanted to do it.
I'm glad I started using these curls again, they just look better in some lighting that the other flat prim look just can't do. Finer hair will still need the flat prims.
Thanks for looking.

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