Wednesday, December 26, 2007

It's Winter I don't care I want Summer!!!!!

I spent a lot of time on these. First off, each skin is priced at 125L and the big pack of 19 is priced at 500L. The demo is free and each suit comes in different layers for flexibility if needed.
I spent a lot of time on these. I needed to learn how to bake better in Maya. Now they look good for that. I added some shading underneath the suit so it stands out a bit more on the top of the skin and the wrinkles are just right.
Overall I'm happy with those and I think that is why I made 19 suits. I could make more but I think enough is enough. I'm tired! Maybe I'll make a different type of suit/bikini next with the same patterns. Those wouldn't take as long then. Enjoy!!!!

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