Sunday, December 02, 2007

Belle Sleeved Santa Set

For the Holidays. This set includes the Hat, all 42 colors of Shelly 2 hair, and the shirt, shorts, and skirts. There are two skirts in this pack. One is made of prims and the other of the SL mesh for higher lag areas. Both skirts come with the trim and without. The belle sleeves are sculpted along with the hat. I put a lot of work into it and there are plenty of options for the skirts.
I tried something new with the prim skirt when adding the trim to it. They move along with the skirt except its not quite to perfection. Not sure if its entirely 100 percent possible but it was pretty close except during faster movement. Either way, for 500L it is worth it. The mega pack of Shelly 2 all 42 colors alone is 700L. So the outfit is free or vise versa. Enjoy.

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