Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Last one for the month

The last style of the month. Had issues with this style that I dealt with over the weekend before I was going to release it. Finally up to my standards. Hopefully those standards are ok. This style has so much hair in it. It is 105 prims which isn't awful but isn't light at all. Tried completely different type of texture and it has its good effects I think.
I'm really tired out from making hair for a while. I'm also running out of room which I can't believe. No more room for hair at my store. Plus Christmas is coming up and I will be trying to make an outfit for Christmas. I haven't made clothing in almost a year now. I do have some ideas, sculpties will help out a lot too in what I will be making. Well for those who read this blog, if anyone does, thanks for looking.

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