Saturday, November 28, 2009


Well I had some days off from the real world work schedule and was able to come up with another style. I worked on making better and finer hair hair textures and to me that seemed to help make this style better than some others I have made in the past.

This style is around 123 prims. I will price it at 235L.

Recently I've noticed that some other stores sell hair for much higher than this. For 235L you get at least 6 colors. I've seen some stores charge as much as 350L for a similar amount and even as much as 200L for one color. Ouch!! Are you kidding me!

Fat packs or mega packs are even worse, 2000L for a fat pack? My fat pack or Mega pack contains all 50 colors priced at 800L. I know some stores put in more colors, but some colors can be created simply by just tinting the hair or even tinting the hair darker in many cases.

Maybe my hair isn't as good as theirs, but I do put in 15 to 25 hours (my estimate) per hair style. I spent over 1000L for uploads just for this style. It's quite often I create new textures for each hair style. The effort is there. 5 to 10 hair styles a month is just not my style.

I hope the product I create is half way comparable to some other stores as many of the styles are priced only 2/3 of their price.

Thanks for looking.

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