Saturday, April 28, 2007

Freckles, finally. Finally SL working right

Ok here goes. I made two different types of freckles so everything purchased is a two for 1 deal basically. One set of freckles covers much of the body the other is focused on the cheeks, nose, and shoulders for the most part. There are 16 different make up choices grouped in 4's. Also comes with free Prim Eye lashes, and brazillian wax using the underpants layer.
These skins are changeable in lip color, eyebrow color and pubic hair colors using in-world sliders.

Though I think the bottom pale picture doesn't show the freckles very well. They are there though. I didn't want to overdo the freckles.

I think that covers it. Thanks for looking.

[url=]Jolie Femme[/url]


Shelby said...

Your freckles are gorgeous! So cute, and nice & subtle, not the overblown MESS that *cough* some designers have made the mistake of doing.

Some freckled skins I have come across either look like someone got sprayed with ... well, something disgusting, OR they look like MOLES all over the skin - and at least for me, there's a big difference between having freckles & just having a ton of moles all over you!

Mcgeeb Gupte said...

Thank you so much, its nice to see great comments like that.