Friday, April 06, 2007

5 New Jolie Femme @ Hair Fair

These are probably my best 5 Ever!! Yet I would like to say I looked around the whole hair fair and there are so many awesome styles done by everyone you just gotta check everything out despite the lag.

Embrace - Made out of flexy curls/torus curl mix. Probably the most curly out of the bunch.

Timeless - The new trend. Started using the plant/tree method (single faced prims like for plants) but just on hair. This style is mostly straight and flows really nicely when moving around.

Forever/Dream - Made out of flexy curls/Torus Curls mix. Not quite and curly and Embrace.

Groove - This one is shorter and straighter than the rest. On this one 50 percent of all sales will be sent directly to the Locks of Love account.

All these will be located only at Hair Fair until the 14th I believe and after that the main store for Jolie Femme now at its new location.

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