Monday, August 23, 2010

Tattoo Layer Hair Base V3

First of all and most important is that this can only be seen in viewer 2.0 or higher.

I will be putting all Jolie Femme Hair colors available as one purchase for 10L, the price of one upload.

This is version 3 already. I believe there will be a version 4 someday down the road as I try a few more times to make this look even better.

The colors won't always match perfectly. SL does wonderful things like lighting prims and avatar completely at different lighting levels. You will notice this more with the lighter colors.

For 10L, I think this is a good option to have in anyone's inventory with Jolie Femme Hair as the colors will match up well.

Also these will have modify permissions for any tinting that is wanted.

Thanks for looking!

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