Sunday, August 09, 2009


Kara is now available and priced at 240L. Normally I price hair at 225 to 235L, but I'm going to throw in the hair clip also. There are more colors of this hair clip available on the wall labeled Hair Accessories.
This style also uses Linden Hair for the hair line. Instructions on how to adjust this, if needed, are two posts down.
Kara is 117 prims. The hair in the style looks really good and realistic throughout. I made an effort to make the hair so it was like you could touch it. So I spent a long time on it. I no longer make hair that can be done in one weekend like I used too. That is not the way I'm going to do it anymore. This is much better.
This style comes in 50 colors and used the same Touch to fit sizing script. Just remember to make a copy before you size the hair and delete the scripts from the hair. Deleting the scripts is also polite to do unless you own your own region.

Thanks for looking and waiting for more hair!!

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Carol said...

These hair styles look realistic and fantastic awesome hair styles...
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