Thursday, July 09, 2009

Camping chairs and the lack of help from LL

For over 6 months now I've been AR'ing this club across the SIM from me for camping chairs. There is around 10 money chairs, 6 plus prize chairs and avatars that just sit there for days on end in the same spot. The usual number of "green" dots on their club usually runs around 20 to 25. Which is "okay".

Then during the day when their events hit, the SIM will fill up with another 10 or more avatars and reaches a pivotal point of maxing out the SIM (max is 40). This doesn't count the 3 model bots I try to put up and potential customers and myself.

So I finally get a message from Lotte Linden after another AR I sent out. Here it is: [4:11] Lotte Linden: Thank you for contacting us about camping bots. At this point in time, it is not required that you report them, and in any case please limit your reports to one per topic and person. Sending in multiple repetitive reports will be considered abuse of support resources. Regards, Lotte

So basically it told me I'm SOL.

Even though as explained here: SL Blog, camping, botcamping and prize camping or anything to enhance traffic is banned. WTF Lotte! Rules generally apply across the board.

So I put up 13 of my own chairs in disgust and what does this club do? They get angry with me!!! The also don't know how to count. They tell me I have 15 chairs and they only have 10.

I'm disgusted!! I'm truely sorry no one can get into the sim at this point. I currently have two more shops up at Hairspray and Solace beach and tons of hair on Xstreet. LL has truely disappointed me to the greatest degree possible.

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