Saturday, June 13, 2009

Hair Fair 2009

Hair Fair 2009 - These styles will be available June 20 through July 4th at the Hair Fair. More info available here: Hair Fair 2009 blog.

Demos are available at Xstreet at this location: Jolie Femme@Xstreet. No need to wait for Hair Fair to start, these demos are available for purchase at the time of this writing. Just make sure to sort styles "new to old" to find the Hair Fair 2009 styles.

On to the Hair styles (All hair styles are made of sculpts, flexy hair, and available in 50 colors each. All the styles are come with sizing scripts and with modify permissions)


This style is 94 prims. The scrunchy is scripted with 36 colors/textures including 2 plaid sets. It will be tricky to trigger the script. I usually sit on a posing stand and touch the left scrunchie to get it to work. It may trigger the sizing script for the hair, so just close that and try again.

The hair is made out of flexy cylinder prims. The texture is twisted around to created realistic curls.


This style is 99 prims. A simple straight and very long hair style. The hair should reach about waiste length.


**50 percent of sales at Hair Fair will go to the Locks of Love charity**

This style is 89 prims. Medium length hair that reaches the shoulders.


This hair is 123 prims. A short style that comes just below the chin and covers the eyes and forehead.

Bella III:

This hair is 127 prims. This style uses a similar techique to Penelope for the curls. The curls in the will be about waiste lenght like the Linda style. Bella I and Bella II are also available as shorter versions of Bella III. Those two styles available at the main store.

Some suggestions:

I think it would be best to buy the demos first and try them out on a different sim. The Hair Fair is always extremely laggy and many times the sculpts on the demos may not rez. Buying the demos beforehand and even buying them on Xstreet first, is probably the best option for purchasing hair at the Hair Fair.

Also please be polite to the other shoppers at the Hair Fair. Reducing the number of attachments and scripts being worn by your avatar with be appreciated.

Thanks for looking and enjoy!

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Carol said...

Awesome hair styles even i will try i hope it will suits me..
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