Sunday, April 05, 2009


This hair built with normal prims would be about 456 prims. That is not the case with this hair as it is built with oblong sculpts which I use to create hair 1/8th of that primitive amount by pinching or dividing each prim sculpt into 8 pieces. So that actual total is 57 prims.

After the intial load of the sculpts, the hair will be much more efficient than any 100+ prim hair that I often times end up at.

I will put this hair up with a new release price of 100L for this first week (Until Sunday, April 12). I like to do this so people looking for new releases can get them cheap. Once that is over with, the normal price will be 235L for regular packs and 800L for the mega pack.

Once again, all new releases come with the hair sizer script. This makes things so much easier to resize. I do suggest to choose the delete option when running this script once the hair his sized up well to be lag friendly to other people. Before doing this, make back ups of the hair with the script.

It's been over a month, I know. I spent about 2 weeks learning how to do this. Then issues with outside of SL with real life came about. So hopefully now that is over with I can continue to make more hair. My next plan is for some braids to be done as I find this process I learned how to do could be very useful in making those.

Thanks for looking.

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