Friday, August 17, 2007

Another Shelly Style

This one is called Shelly 2 and is about 54 prims if I remember correctly. The hair is made from a sculpty base and 2d alpha prims that are used in the Escape style. It also comes with the 1-prim hat. Actually 3 of them, just slightly different colors.
"Shelly 2" is available in 42 different colors. The smaller packs of hair run at 229L and the mega 42 packs is priced at 699L. Each pack contains 3 different sizes for easier fitting, small, medium and large.
Thanks for looking :)

To find the hair either search my profile in-world and click on one of the hair classifieds or use the slurl below.
[url=]Jolie Femme Main Location[/url]

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