Thursday, July 12, 2007

Eternity New Hair

More hair finally done. It's been a while. This style uses the same type of prims found in Destiny, Escape and Memories. Not as curly as Escape though.
Comes in 42 colors and usual, 3 different sizes for easiest fitting.
I'm hoping to do some more hairstyles this weekend. Finally getting some creative juices going. Just need more time.


Penny said...

I will definitely stop in to try an Eternity demo. I wear Destiny almost exclusively and get oodles of compliments from both men and women. It is absolutely the most beautiful hair I own.

I would love to see the same type of prim work in a pony tail and in a shorter length. The hair is so natural looking, "the most amazing in sl."

Mcgeeb Gupte said...

Hi Penny, thanks for the wonderful comments on the hair. I'm currently making an up do-ish type of hair style and then perhaps some pigtails with some sculptured baseball caps. I will try to incorporate the 2d alphas in there with those type of textures. It does add an amazing effect.