Thursday, November 16, 2006


The first night I logged on and heard about this (about 50 blue screen messages), I was actually quite frightened that everything I worked so hard on was about to go to waste. Hopefully that isn't true. I don't know many facts about this, but it seems as if this program has no good use to it at all other than to rip of designers.
If anyone has any thought of using this, please consider that many of the items on Second Life take a long time to make. It may say only 149L, but the designer actually has put more than 50 cents worth of effort into making that item. It may be a game to some, but to many it is their rental payment or their house payment, who knows. To me, its my kids Christmas this year. Thanks to my wonderful customers, I will be able to afford to buy my 4 kids good Christmas presents this year. Otherwise I would not be able to afford much at all. It has taken a lot of hours (15 to 25 hours) per week EVERY week to do this for the past year. It is fun and rewarding, but if someone came in and copybotted everything it would be horrible.
Copybot is not good for anyone. If this became widespread enough, designer's would lose money first and tier down at least, then the amount of new content would shrink. If that happened enough, the number of residents may go down with it. Then if that happened, LL would lose money and then shut down.

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